From an Original Thesis to the Imaginomicon; Mardukite Systemology Basics Book Series by Joshua Free

* MARDUKITE ZUISM - A Brave New Babylon *

Mardukite Systemology — “Basic Books”
(2021 Collector’s Edition Hardcover Series)
by Joshua Free
The Way Into The Future: A Handbook for the New Human
Systemology: The Original Thesis of Mardukite New Thought
Power of Zu: Mardukite Zuism and Systemology in Everyday Life

All Creation, Space, Life, Universes and Everything in between — whether apparent in physical existence or not — operates as Systems. A true understanding of our “MARDUKITE SYSTEMOLOGY” reveals the basic underlying patterns back of all existence, and a route of knowledge by which an individual may liberate themselves from entrapment to the “Human Condition” and achieve Self-Actualization and Spiritual Ascension during this lifetime!

Joshua Free’s “SYSTEMOLOGY” is a practical application of “systems theory” to the philosophic study and spiritual experience of Life, the Universe and Everything from the truest perception or point-of-view of Self as a “spiritual being” originating from outside of…

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Why You Keep Coming Back to Earth: How To Be Free of the ‘Matrix’ and Reclaim Your True Spiritual Power

* MARDUKITE ZUISM - A Brave New Babylon *

The Way Out. Hidden for 6000 Years. But now we have the Key.
by Joshua Free
Summon and Invoke, Command and Control,
the Most Powerful Spirit to Ever Exist.
Ascend Beyond Physical Existence, Fly Across All Gateways Freely,
Go Back to When it All Began and
Reclaim that Personal Universe Where the Spirit once called Home.

A true understanding of “Mardukite Systemology” reveals a basic underlying pattern back of all existence:
—Whether a Cell – or a Solar System;
—Whether an Atom – or a Galaxy;
—Whether a single Life – or entire Universe Dimensions.

Examining systems — in Self-Honesty — for its parts, we certify that “bodies” and “minds” exist, but are also separable from each other; and neither one is the Spirit.

“I” as Self is purely“I-AM” and not actually identifiable as a Body or even a Mind.

Yet, no…

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