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Crystalline Awakenings & NexGen Systemology – The Fundamentals of Existence


Chamberlains Contribution – first appearing in Awakening: Systemology-101 – a personal exploration and foreword by Brian C. Jones II:


sys101newcvrthumb I remember the first day that I read Systemology 1.0 as the edition: “Crystal Warriors & Mystic Knights”—I didn’t understand one word. I can also remember the strange feeling of being left there thinking: “What the hell did I just read?!” Although it was very challenging to comprehend, it was still extremely interesting nonetheless. For me, the challenge of trying to understand it all only added more fuel to my flame, prompting me want to read and study it even more.

I’ve only read through this book three times—but each time I would read it, I would learn (understand) something new. It became truly thrilling. When I used to do my conspiracy research for long periods of time, I would get so caught up in it and then get scared of what I my findings—it felt like I was digging my own grave in a way and that’s when I realized that I was being brought to fear possibilities for my own future and for those around me. It was very frightening. As soon as I realized this; that day I made a decision to turn things around with my thinking—to think more positively and not get too caught up in the whole conspiracy thing, and focus on my Self. Ever since then, I felt that I went rightly through the many transformations to become the person I am now—and still growing.

sys101newcvrthumb Systemology 1.0 really opened up some ‘doors of perception’ that I’ve never noticed were there before. The whole concept really functionally reminded me of ‘computer programming’—using computer language a “programmer” can encode a program or system instal it into an “operating system” for it to be run—to exist as “Reality.” This was an amazing realization breakthrough for me. Then I found out that this type of “study” does not only pertain to “Self-Actualization,” but also applies holistically to all academic study —meaning, “knowledge”—for everything, every “thing,” is really a part of some system, nothing stands alone.

This is truly amazing stuff.

In closing, I would like to thank Joshua Free for composing this work and blessing all of us with consolidation and release of this highly critical information. NexGen Systemology has really helped me out as I continue, exponentially, to focus on “seeing” things as they truly are —in a more “Self-Honest” way—free from artificial bias and treating everything that I see and do in equality—All-as-One. (Thank you, so much, again.)

I love Systemology!

I hope you—the “seeker”—will come to love it too!

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The Fundamentals of Existence

by Joshua Free

THE “WHAT” — A Universal System NexGen Beginner’s Guide… The 2013 revised edition of the original Mardukite-Systemology-101 Right Way to NexGen Life-Mastery Series (‘Crystal Warriors & Mystic Knights‘) from the Mardukite Research Organization & the NexGen Systemological Society (NexGenSys) including: Human, More Than Human (S1), Defragnentation (S2), TransHuman Generations (S3), The Games & Players (S4)


From Self-Mastery to World Leadership

by Joshua Free

THE “WHY” — A Universal System Developer’s Guide to Operating the Human Condition… The powerfully unique presentation of the ‘Systemology of Reality‘, drawing from a 6,000+ year well-spring of ‘Mystery School‘ teachings, philosophy, religion and science, this ‘New’ groundbreaking ‘holistic‘ approach – the ultimate wide-angle view meta-system of understanding beyond (and yet encompassing) all other systems of knowledge and belief. “It’s not a question of what you are seeing but why you are seeing it…

NexGen Systemology 2.0, Post-Modern Future of Holistic System Theory with Joshua Free


Self Mastery,
World Leadership
How to Design Your Destiny
— A Universal System Developer’s Guide
to Operating the Human Condition…


The SECOND GATE awaits you!

The SECOND GATE awaits you!

How YOU experience apparent reality day-to day…
Why some people seem BLESSED or GIFTED with MAGICAL POWER…
How UNSEEN energetic forces influence observable reality…
Why HUMANS feel, think and behave as they do and how this programming can be altered…

REthumbself REALITY ENGINEERING (Systemology 2.0) demonstrates a superior knowledge and fundamental Universal Truth about:


Beautifully engineered pages describe a methodology for holistic existence that includes:

How to increase awareness & intelligence… (with ‘Existential Epistemology’)
How to improve communication & persuasion… (with ‘System Energetics’)
How to heighten self-esteem & worldly success… (with ‘Self-Honest Awareness’)
How to expand perceptions of reality potentiality… (with ’21st Century Metaphysics’)
How to (re)program your personality and others… (with ‘Cosmic Encoding Dynamics’)
How to self-direct behavior pattern correction… (with ‘Dynamic Phenomenology’)
How to self-actualize designing your destiny… (with ‘Universal Law Energetic Flow’)


When we first directed SELF to form and inhabit the current Human Condition of Reality Experience, we apparently forgot to pack the ‘Operator’s Manual‘ for a journey in this existence. Participation in any other kind of ‘system‘ or ‘game‘ or even the use of another type of ‘vehicle‘ — which is what the ‘physical body‘ is for the Human Condition — they all involve having had access to some proper “rulebook” or “guide” prior.

NexGen Systemology – 2.0 System Logics = Knowledge of how all the conceivably fragmented parts of Reality & Existence are interconnected and influentially interdependent to compose a whole All-as-One!