NexGen Systemology 2.0, Post-Modern Future of Holistic System Theory with Joshua Free


Self Mastery,
World Leadership
How to Design Your Destiny
— A Universal System Developer’s Guide
to Operating the Human Condition…


The SECOND GATE awaits you!

The SECOND GATE awaits you!

How YOU experience apparent reality day-to day…
Why some people seem BLESSED or GIFTED with MAGICAL POWER…
How UNSEEN energetic forces influence observable reality…
Why HUMANS feel, think and behave as they do and how this programming can be altered…

REthumbself REALITY ENGINEERING (Systemology 2.0) demonstrates a superior knowledge and fundamental Universal Truth about:


Beautifully engineered pages describe a methodology for holistic existence that includes:

How to increase awareness & intelligence… (with ‘Existential Epistemology’)
How to improve communication & persuasion… (with ‘System Energetics’)
How to heighten self-esteem & worldly success… (with ‘Self-Honest Awareness’)
How to expand perceptions of reality potentiality… (with ’21st Century Metaphysics’)
How to (re)program your personality and others… (with ‘Cosmic Encoding Dynamics’)
How to self-direct behavior pattern correction… (with ‘Dynamic Phenomenology’)
How to self-actualize designing your destiny… (with ‘Universal Law Energetic Flow’)


When we first directed SELF to form and inhabit the current Human Condition of Reality Experience, we apparently forgot to pack the ‘Operator’s Manual‘ for a journey in this existence. Participation in any other kind of ‘system‘ or ‘game‘ or even the use of another type of ‘vehicle‘ — which is what the ‘physical body‘ is for the Human Condition — they all involve having had access to some proper “rulebook” or “guide” prior.

NexGen Systemology – 2.0 System Logics = Knowledge of how all the conceivably fragmented parts of Reality & Existence are interconnected and influentially interdependent to compose a whole All-as-One!

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