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NexGen Systemology, Reality Engineering, Self-Actualization & World Leadership with Joshua Free


“Make use of life, its course is so soon run,
yet system teaches you how time is won.
I counsel you, dear friend, in sum
That first you take ‘collegium logicum’.
Then the best of all worth mention–
To ‘metaphysics’ you must pay attention,
and see that you profoundly strive to gain
what is not suited for the human brain.”
–Goethe, ‘Faust’

REthumbself REALITY ENGINEERING… The Question of Reality is the most paramount factor of human existence. For what loftier uses could there be of man’s faculties, than to determine the answer to the ultimate questions of life–What is real, everything? It is not merely some arbitrary game of intellectual philosophies… It is about what you actually think, feel, see and believe to be the truth: about all of what you Experience as Reality. [This blog is based on material available in the volume: Reality Engineering]

systemology4comboMEDredblk SYSTEMOLOGY is a holistic methodology and unification for absolute human understanding of the Universe and the apparent Reality experience via the ‘Human Condition‘. Application of the ‘Systems Approach‘ requires observation of general principles and properties acknowledging the nature of dynamic and energetic functions; interactions taking place ‘beneath’ the “surface” of apparent Reality involving interrelated systems of existence. NEXGEN SYSTEMOLOGY utilizes the vocabulary (or semantic-language) employed in the original Systemology 1.0 materials of rising popularity among the highest minds of the young people today who are inheriting the planet and roles as Reality Engineers. The NexGen commeth…

Reality183 NexGen Systemology 2.0: Reality Engineering is the application of SYSTEM LOGICS as a holistic unconditioned method for operating the ‘Human Condition’. Systemology 2.0 examines the operation and development of Reality by applying fundamentals and principles of SYSTEM THEORY applied to the interconnected, interactive, entangled matrix-field fabric of Reality & Existence.

There are seven main systemologic fields that interconnect to form the basis of the “NexGen Systemological” perspective toward the ‘nature’ of Reality & Existence:

188842_319298628192618_427889337_n epistemologyknowledge & truth
programming conditioning & coding
semantics language, meaning & truth
phenomenology sensory perception
existentialism existence in reality
metaphysics beyond perceptions
dynamicsUniversal/Cosmic Law

reality100 All of the systems in existence are really fundamentals of a singular, interconnecting, all-encompassing ‘meta-system’ that exists as an “All-as-One” wholeness beyond the perceptions of ‘levels’ and ‘parts’. In the day-to-day ‘waking’ and ‘normative’ reality of the ‘Human Condition’, the ‘Observer’ or SELF occupies a ‘Genetic Vehicle’ as a means of interpreting and interacting with the range of existence that the ‘human body’ is programmed to consciously perceive. Systemology 2.0 is concerned with holistic causation, taking into account the dynamics of all interconnected interrelated existential systems from the One as Infinity to the Infinity as One.

“The observation of cycles and tendencies to predict a causal relationship or determine the actual condition or flow of dynamic energy using the holistic system as opposed to the understanding of life, reality and existence in isolation or exclusion of perceived parts being separate from other perceived parts.” –Reality Engineering

REthumbself The root of all systemological application is the ability to determine true holistic probability patterns that include all aspects of a condition – even those outside ‘normative’ perceptual range. In addition, the chaos factor is found in all systems – “the observation and ability to describe, predict, or even measure, the probability of instability in dynamic systems.”

In the 1919 philosophical treatise, Book of the Damned, Charles Fort writes:

“Nothing can attempt to be, except by attempting to exclude something else; that which is commonly called being is a state that is wrought more or less definitely proportionately to the appearance of positive difference between that which is included and that which is excluded.”

“I conceive of one inter-continuous nexus, in which and of which, all seeming things are only different expressions, of which all things are localizations of one attempt to break away and become ‘real’ things –
to establish entity or positive difference.”

Fundamentals of NexGen Systemology 101, Awakening to the Next Evolution with Joshua Free


Have you ever felt like there was someone—or some force—that seemed to be ‘watching’ you, ‘monitoring’ you, always ‘one step ahead’ of everything you have done, waiting there to thwart, help or harm on your path seemingly indiscriminately?

Guess what?—You’re not paranoid.

But as with many aspects of this EXISTENCE you call REALITY, your ‘conspiracy theories’ about this unknown enemy might be slightly misdirected. Let me put your mind at ease—as it were—and have you put aside the exterior world for a moment. From this point onward, I want you to ‘attack’ this methodology of learning with one key aspect in mind:

The only person or force that is—at this very moment—currently acting against your own evolution is YOURSELF. It is easy to pass blame on this one—Too easy. In fact—that’s all anyone does. It is also easy to simply be a rebel against the system. But take the next step and believe me on this:


human more than human HUMAN, MORE THAN HUMAN
Awakening to the Next Evolution

by Joshua Free
2011 — S1
Prolific mystic writer and founder of the Mardukite Research Organization, Joshua Free, illustrates the true existence of life as “Self” within the matrix-reality of everyday life by a revolutionary method that brings new meaning to “self-help” in the first revolutionary installment of The Right Way to Life for the Next Generation Systemology-101 Awakening Series of booklets!

Give a human being enough rope, enough idle time with no purpose and they will either invent an artificial purpose for themselves as the physical being; or rise up against all others with one already perceived.

Things fall apart—the centre does not hold.

A SEPARATISM influx floods the mind factions of religion, philosophy, societal demands and science—all participate in FRAGMENTING the HUMAN CONDITION. With such misguidance at every turn, few have had the chance or inclination to stop and ask: “Why?”—or discern the entire scope that this condition applies to—nothing short of all LIFE, the UNIVERSE and EVERYTHING!

systemology defragmentation DEFRAGMENTATION
Self-Honesty for the Next Evolution

by Joshua Free
2011 — S2
Why do you think, feel and act as you do? Does this come from Self, the true spirit within? Or, does this come from programming and artificial identities and human personas? On the brink of a new chapter for humanity, it’s time we addressed these questions. The answers are startling clear, pointing toward a new evolution in consciousness and existence.

The mouths wrought with the HUMAN CONDITION often speak of a search for WHOLENESS and TRUTH, meanwhile all of their efforts and actions bring them about in another direction, furthering the division of All-as-One into fictional components that the PROGRAM simply finds ‘easier to handle’.

Once fixed in the Mind—of—Body, HUMANS began to interact with these components of FRACTIONAL REALITY and SYSTEMS come alive!

As nothing thought to be INTERNAL is really ever separate from what is perceived EXTERNAL, it was not long before these SYSTEMS came to be realized as a part of everyday societal life for participants of HUMANITY.

transhuman generations TRANSHUMAN GENERATIONS
The Next Evolution of a Species

by Joshua Free
2012 — S3
Spiritual and religious leaders, politicians and scientists, economists and the common man are finally all in agreement about something: Humanity is on the brink of great change! This discourse is written for the explicit purposes of issuing reason and logic, new paradigms and observations of old patterns.

Something happened a very long time ago; something you have no memory of perhaps, because it is not restricted to the life existence you currently occupy. At some junction of ‘time’ you were separated from something and forbidden the knowledge of this. Yet, you instinctively know this already—or rather, you feel it. The HUMAN BEING never stopped feeling this separation. But, in the absence of true knowledge, the apprehension and anxiety associated with it became manifest in other ways—ones which have now proved detrimental to the very nature of HUMAN CONDITION!

the games THE GAMES
Portals of Self-Transformation

by Joshua Free
2012 — S4
As the global consciousness of the population reaches the apex of its transitional period of changes and the transformation into a new dawn — or ‘new age’ — the generation is rising up out of necessity to meet the challenges and demands of the times… and for this they require experiential tools and knowledge that have not been readily apparent or available in the past.

All of the faculties to resolve awakened awareness of the entire EQUATION OF EXISTENCE are already contained within you; are already a part of your original wiring; but rather than being given assistance in the Self-Honest pursuit of this nature, you have been given only the rationals of human indoctrination to various solids and forms that exist with importance only to the HUMAN MIND that gives to them attentive purpose; ‘importance’ — energy via belief.

The main KEY then, insofar as the HUMAN CONDITION has the ability to evolve beyond itself or what it’s become, is not in the adoption of more SYSTEMS or ‘layers’ of reasoning; no additional external technologies are required to take this critical step or leap — rather it is the critical ability to systematically remove all of the ‘layers’ of ARTIFICIAL FRAGMENTATION so that all experiences, stimuli or data can be correctly — SELF-HONESTLY — received, perceived and realized back into existence.

sys101newcvrthumb COME AND DISCOVER the amazing and revolutionary NexGen Systemology self-actualization system developed by infamous underground metaphysicist, Joshua Free, who explores this groundbreaking methodology in the (above-shown) Systemology 101 booklet series, also available in the all-in-one volume Awakening: Systemology-101 by Joshua Free.