Next Evolution of Human Being Revealed! NexGen Systemology defined by Joshua Free


Although most people assume that the lore of Systemology is derived from a similar-sounding organization of a seemingly similar nature as what the Mardukites have pursued with this endeavor—the work and lore of the Mardukite Systemologists most certainly did not originate with the writings of Lafayette Ron Hubbard or even novels and fantasies of the current editor. Instead, they were drawn from the oldest spiritual tradition on the planet—that which is maintained by the beliefs of the gods, themselves, and not merely restricted to the understandings reasoned by primitive humans and the way in which they were given an understanding of things, spiritual or otherwise.

sys101newcvrthumb The similarity that exists between this work in relation to what other mystics and spiritual masters have passed by us saying, is not an indication of ‘source’ or ‘plagiarism’, but is a hint toward the nature of interconnectedness found at the root of all things in life and the universe—and perceptions of such as “reality.” Lessons of SYSTEMOLOGY are alluded to in a diverse array of other traditions and methodologies, but as it is presented unto itself proper, it has no real ‘religious’ foundation or ‘dogmatic system’; rather it shows the validity (or lack thereof) of such things.

As with any true esoterica the pure and highest nature of the words being described here are but a shimmer or sparkle of gnosis in the wake of an all-encompassing radiance that can never be reflected by narrative alone. Upon reflection, however, this is never the purpose of the scribe who is meant to only ‘chart’ the map in as explicit detail as possible (from their own subjective point of view, of course), but as we all know – the map is not the journey.

787px-Crystal_Engineering_inv Dr. Timothy Leary, who served as one of the greatest pioneers of ‘new consciousness’ research during the 20th century, said “the future of the human species is to learn how to use our brains” and that we would know the next evolutionary generation by their SMI2 LE.

SM: Space Migration
I2: Increased Intelligence
LE: Life Extension

Although the general conceptual idea of these feats might seem ‘great’ in and of themselves to the average human being, one must stop and reflect if these ‘parts’ of the Human Condition (HumCon) are indeed where our focus and energy should be, or if it is even the responsibility and right of those from the old generation following programs of the old paradigm to decide upon. Implications of these facets has a vast influence on the Next Generation (NexGen) of the human species. NexGen are entering the world at a critical ‘turning’ point, threshold or Gate, whereby the future of the human being will be decided…

sys101newcvrthumb Religious teachers, social scientists and technology innovators all seem to have their own extremist perspectives on the absolute outcome. But, the outcome has not yet been decided—is why we are currently only at the ‘cusp’ of a transition. An inevitable course cannot be delayed for much longer… and that is what we are here to decide, or provide food for thought while NexGen ultimately make their own educated ‘Self-Honest’ decision: to steer a course or fall prey to following the ‘map’ left by older generations that perceived ‘things’ through old pattern-programs fixed to old paradigms. It is critical for NexGen to be given true knowledge of their history and origins so they are enabled to see the ‘present’ and ‘future’ clearly…

The idea that the human species is on the ‘cusp’ of ‘something’ is almost intuitively felt by those who are alive today. It cannot always be clearly defined or explained, and nearly all of the various schools of thought, science and religion have their own interpretations and definitions whereby such a ‘turning point’, ‘cyclic renewal’ or ‘End of Days’ is described. One thing seems fairly certain: we are about to witness a rise of the next evolution of human beings… or a demise.

water_nuke_2560x1600 Considering facets suggested by Tim Leary and the transhumanists such as Life Extension, Space Migration or even Increased Intelligence, we have to take into account what the past generations using and old paradigm-program have already handled their less than ‘metahuman’ feats among themselves on the planet here. Profit-driven exploitation of the resources, human lives and home planet make the idea of Life Extension and Space Migration utterly ridiculous if the ‘conditions’ of life existence are still being handled by faulty perceptions and worldviews.

As far as ‘intelligence’ is concerned, we are still on the brink of being able to see the world in a Self-Honest way, in which our outlook is not conditioned by a particular paradigm or fragmented ‘system’. One can easily recognize the human experience through time driven by an evolutionary momentum that is constantly adaptive, riding the waves, tides and winds of inevitable change as it applies to members of the human race at a given point in its history.

What is so intriguing about right now is that we are on the threshold of one of a landmark transition that could involve the end of the reign of ‘modern man’ by some means or another—whether that be the ‘post-modern’ human being as a genetic extension of what is in ‘power’ today, or else some new form of created artificial intelligence that will replace us altogether and live on as the most ‘human-like’ being on the planet. In either instance (and these appear to be the two main courses for us to take), the days of the modern human being appear to be numbered.

768px-Dispersive_Prism_Illustration Without a true paradigm-shift and the accumulation of true-knowledge unadulterated by the filters and perceptions of variegated factions, the ability for NexGen steering a new course will be thwarted as they continue to operate within the same systems and programs of the past generations who are incapable of seeing anything past their own ‘fixed’ parameters of understanding. Needless to say, a population incapable of solving problems of living together on earth, or of occupying earth without destroying it, should probably not be migrating into space; the masses being reduced to slaved existence and serving as economic ‘batteries’ to the ‘system’ with little time or awareness left to their own actualization should not have their lives extended; and given the inaccuracy, politics and manipulation of knowledge—not to mention a limited understanding that past generations have had with it—does not make ‘hooking’ the brain to an external storage and retrieval machine very appealing…


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