Mastering the Game of Life & NexGen Systemology, The Right Way with Joshua Free


The Games represent an element of what might be best described (for this instance) as a puzzle. In all actuality, the true essence of the journey has not been set down in writing before and the most covert and translucent aspects are omitted in the narrative by not only necessity but the respect for certain individuals, non-disclosure agreements maintained with persons currently involved in the ‘occult underground’ and so forth…

sys101newcvrthumb There are many lessons to be learned – regardless of where you are – but some things can be sought specifically, such as the destination of a journey. And some destinations are meant to be experienced in different ways by different individuals. There is no one way to play the Game; hence the incredible difficulty in relaying in words what all others have had to experience directly. As such, it is the craft of a literary artist to seek a means of overcoming such consciousness barriers of new paradigms of awareness; which is, of course, the delicate task I put before myself here.

the games All of life in existence is an individuated experience. Such can also be said with the practice of magical arts in general or even the Games. It is important to understand the subjective nature of what one is experiencing in life today and especially what one will experience when intentionally subjecting themselves to a magical array of tests and challenges. Will you be able to retain who you are in the process? Will you be able to withstand the attack on integrity and sanity and arise having overcome the gauntlet set to meet the point of your personal limitations?

checkerboard The first step is to clear the slate and find a point of self-honesty whereby the Self, the player
that is being brought to the game field (or arena or battle-zone, if you prefer) is able to fully and truly experience the reality set before them free of their previously conditioned responses, both the responses made in the mind and those enacted out in behavior. Otherwise, the player is likely to get caught up in the illusions and glamours that are set before them, whether they be images and visions of another’s power or their own; many that have begun the journey were lost to it.

reality157 Just as people’s minds become imprinted and encoded, so does the energy and memory of a space. The more a particular belief or thought or energetic quality is affirmed and manifested, the more it will be ‘resonant’ or share affinity, with such energy in the future. It leaves a trail, imprint or impression – a trench dug into the ground – that influences the most likely course or flow for the future.


Our beliefs and thoughts direct our behaviors and actions. In turn, the outcomes of our behaviors and actions actually reinforce the beliefs and thoughts themselves. This recurssive cycle is not always recognized by everyday people when they self-direct their awareness and thereby expectations onto the world around them. Although the ‘surface world’ means of psychology have focused on changing/altering external behavior, others focus on the change of belief…

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