Wholeness & True Unification, Systemology of Non-Dualist Monism with Joshua Free


Where many other system models appear focused on the intricate parts that can be fragmented from wholeness, NexGen Systemology is rooted in the existence of All being gauged along a single continuum that is separated into parts by perception only…

REthumbself [This blog post is officially excerpted from “Reality Engineering” by Joshua Free.]

‘CONTINUUM’ — the measurement or observation of ‘quantitative’ variation with a gradual transition without demonstrating significant ‘discontinuity’ along a spectrum.

In the 1919 philosophical treatise, Book of the Damned, Charles Fort writes:

“Nothing can attempt to be, except by attempting to exclude something else; that which is commonly called being is a state that is wrought more or less definitely proportionately to the appearance of positive difference between that which is included and that which is excluded. I conceive of one inter-continuous nexus, in which and of which, all seeming things are only different expressions, of which all things are localizations of one attempt to break away and become ‘real’ things – to establish entity or positive difference.”


There is a correspondence between things seen and unseen – earth is the shadow of heaven and man is a reflection of divinity.
— Eliphas Levi

REthumbself The monistic continuity model relays the ideology of a ‘singularity force‘ – THE FORCE – demonstrating total system inter-connectivity ‘above’ and ‘below’ the observation of any apparent parameters.

‘EXISTENTIAL CONTINUUM’ — A ‘field’ or ‘sea’ of total ‘pure potentiality’ of all that is seen and unseen sharing an existence on the continuum. Monism considers energetic dynamics at all possible degrees. Dualism (dichotomy models) fixes a ‘set’ paradigm parameter or range on the continuum between two perceived polarized degrees or extremes.

“As soon as duality enters the picture, a person is not capable of seeing the flow of ‘things’ as they are. The wholeness factor is completely blown apart and everything must be divided – fragmented – in order to qualify for existence. Dualism is not the only ‘separation’ in existence – but it is the ‘first separation’, the One (or Zero) into two. Nothing simply is anymore.” REALITY ENGINEERING

768px-Dispersive_Prism_Illustration All perceived distinctions concerning the
continuum is entirely relative to the Observer – the P-O-V (point-of-view) reference of SELF. The observation of ‘polarity’, or more specifically, “dualism” between two endpoint extremes, is equally relative and perception based. Even the “apparent” normative operating range (within the continuity spectrum) is based on the ‘Human Condition’ as point of reference!

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