Systemology For Life – NEW NexGen Knowledge-Lecture/Booklet Series by Joshua Free


SYSTEMOLOGY FOR LIFE! The NEW NexGen Systemology lecture series by Joshua Free, with volume one: Patterns and Cycles, now available from the NexGen Systemological Society in this revolutionary NEW booklet series debut!

Sys4LifeVol1frontcrop In the observable universe around you, there are two basic concepts that the author is attempting to relay in this essay of NexGen Systemology; two semantic instances that are very important in understanding how this new school of philosophy can best assist your life: firstly, the programmed pattern of all existence; and secondly, its cyclic evolution as observed through time…

At the most practical level, let us consider for a moment the behavioral patterns ingrained or programmed into your personality and how these can be evaluated over time in cyclic terms…

On the path of the ‘Right Way’ – the course one takes toward their own personal transhumanist Ascension on a spiritual scale – a significant part of your evolution comes from the ability to literally “overcome behaviors,” meaning overriding the very programming (pattern) of which we are given – either genetically or learned socially.


It is this progression of interaction with external energies – our responses and experiences with them – that constitute the lessons and lifecycles that we repeatedly find ourselves in. Until we are able to fully appreciate a specific “lesson” in our path, cyclic behaviors and results ensue, and in hindsight, we find ourselves trapped in circles of behavior wherein we follow a program of doing the opposite of what we intend to do; pushing away the very energies and forces that we seek to manifest in our life.

Many hundreds – if not thousands – of years of dedicated intellectual work and academia precede us in our pursuits, but underlying all of this ‘head knowledge’ and ‘fancy words’ is a desire to not only predict human behaviors but actually influence change on the human condition. These pursuits are most certainly connected; for one reason, they rely on the same data – the same core knowledge base – to be both functional and accurate to any significant probability factor.

Sys4LifeVol1frontcrop When NexGen Systemology is being introduced to the advanced classes, the question of function and purpose is related in the first class on semantics and vocabulary. It is often one of the first questions a student of this new philosophy has when approaching – how is this going to benefit me in my real world life? They aren’t interested in whether or not trees in forests are making sounds for audiences; the need for a new philosophy – a new paradigm – was sought, and a new “NexGen” worldview has been wrought.

The paradigm encompassing NexGen Systemology is to look beneath this very surface in question and clearly and self-honestly take in a wide angle, holistic, all inclusive – systematic – way of experiencing the inner world of thought and its relationship with the outer world of forms. As the lens pierces deeper and deeper into the fabric of space and time – reality – the continuity, entangled and interconnected nature of these inner and outer realms blurs and we see that the weave and the fabric – the light and the screen – are all, in themselves, composed of the same energetic vibration that spurs out forth from the most primeval and primordial ripple of the void. Form came – and the Pattern was established…

Patterns & Cycles is the first volume from the new NexGen Systemology booklet series: ‘Systemology For Life’.

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