Celebrate Spiritual Independence! Truth About Universes and How You Got Stuck in One (“Now You Know!” by Joshua Free)

We all “know” we are “eternal spirits” entrapped into having these “human experiences”…
—So, isn’t it time you did something about it?

Many esoteric models of universal cosmology and spiritual ascension appear on the timeline of recorded Human history over the past 6,000 years, and the most ancient of these records—the Arcane Tablets—reveal the most simple and complete account of Cosmic History, that which later inspired an entire planet of cultural mythologies, traditions and religious interpretations.

Yet none of these further fragments and facets of the original Crystal that has been dropped on our doorstep ever brought a clearer experience or more perfect understanding than what had come before. As a result, the truth inherent in the simplicity once shared became forgotten and lost to a sea of “symbols” and “representations” that reflected the poorest shadows of a former age—and the Ancient Mystery School was born.

Of course, we just went ahead and decided to fix that…

Discover the amazing new release that reveals the Truth About Universes and How You Got Stuck in One… NOW YOU KNOW! by Joshua Free with contributions and foreword by David Zibert.

What has now developed underground over the course of a decade for Mardukite Zuism and Systemology far surpasses any attempts made by former paradigms—each one reaching further and further away from its original source, never returning the Mind-System and its perfect control by the Spirit, back to the original state that it once maintained before its fragmentation into the various human systems.

We know that other universes exist and that we have occupied higher existences, but now we have forgotten the way out. And perhaps for the first time, in a long time, there is a recognizable way out; solutions revealed to us now in the 21st century A.D. of what has only been touched upon in obscurity since the original cuneiform tablet renderings of the 21st century B.C.

The most effective corrective measure we have found is systematically running all of this programming and its circuits backwards, and are directing Seekers “back the way they came” and not imposing some new artificial course of action. The decay or pattern-cycle of time is merely relative to the consideration of events registered as having taken place along a spiritual timeline.

Back behind the considerations assumed and energetically imprinted on a personal track, the true Self—the Alpha Spirit—is still there, bright, beautiful and powerful; the “I” that is the Awareness of the individual… if you can but remember what you chose to forget…

We are ready to face these challenges now… Are you?

Foundations of our higher graded work—including this present Systemology Grade-IV—is grounded firmly on the basis of research and discoveries presented in Grade-III, particularly as introduced in “The Tablets of Destiny” (Liber-One) and its companion manual “Crystal Clear” (Liber-2B), both titles also appear in the Grade-III Master Edition hardcover anthology SYSTEMOLOGY HANDBOOK by Joshua Free.

The premise of the “Standard Model” and “ZU-line” of our Systemology is established within those texts, supplemented by suggestions for practical systematic “processing” that supports each installment of instruction. The subject of the “processing” itself, and the complete course on “Communication, Control and Command” is what opens our present Systemology Grade-IV, with the previous publications: “Communication and Control of Energy & Power” (Liber-2C) and “Command of the Mind–Body Connection” (Liber-2D).

The Magic of Will & Intention

by Joshua Free
Mardukite Systemology Liber-2C
Proper communication means successful manifestation of will and intention to the highest level of cause; but improper handling of control leads to becoming an effect, trapped by one’s own thought-forms, thought-habits and reactive-responses automated by the systems of the biochemical genetic organism that an individual identifies with in the space-time of this existence. And now we have the solutions!

The Magic of Will & Intention (Volume 2)

by Joshua Free
Mardukite Systemology Liber-2D
Although an “Alpha Spirit” may command a “body” to do one thing, its fragmentation and other automatic mechanisms can easily distort this line of communication. Given that the Alpha Spirit is not the genetic vehicle it commands and monitors, it should be able to assume a state to fully direct the body to perform tasks in much the same manner as we might witness a puppeteer operate strings of a marionette doll.


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