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Spiritual Transhumanism : Next Evolution of Next Generation | NexGen Systemology eBooks by Joshua Free

For the first time ever, Joshua Free’s print-booklet NexGen Systemology series composing the AWAKENING SYSTEMOLOGY-101 “Right Way to Life for the Next Generation” anthology is now available in eBook electronic format!

In early 2011, the Mardukite Chamberlains (Mardukite Research Organization) formed a ‘division’ established and dedicated to a ‘new avenue’ of ‘spiritual’ and ‘scientific’ pursuits toward understanding the ‘human condition’ as experienced by modern man – and further, how it affects the evolution of the next generation of Human… and the future of the planet!

“Awakening: Systemology-101” Anthology Edition by Joshua Free

???–Who are you?–Where do you come from?–Where are you going?–What is reality?–Why do you think and feel as you do?–Does this experience come from Self?–Or, does it stem from artificial programming?–What does all of this even mean and how can Self-Actualization be achieved in this lifetime???

On the brink of a ‘new chapter’ for humanity, it is time we addressed these questions with a new, true, Self-Honest, NexGen
paradigm – that provides answers so startlingly clear that they point toward a ‘new evolution’ in “consciousness,” and the Reality Engineering of the next step of human existence… or, trans-human existence!


Prolific writer and founder of the Mardukite Research Organization, Joshua Free, illustrates the existence of human life as the “Self” locked into a conditioned experience of the matrix–structured–reality of everyday life using a new revolutionary NexGen paradigm developing for the next evolution of humanity. We chose the term “Systemology” to represent the foundation of this NexGen movement in part due to “systems theory” and “gestalt” – the holistic study of SYSTEMS.

All fragmented academic fields and methodologies of science and spirituality that operate in exclusivity to wholeness have failed in resolving who and what ‘we’ are – as “individuals,” as “human beings” and as “spiritual lifeforms” – All-as-One.

Human understanding, until fairly recently, fails to truly grasp even one of these things, then alone possess an All-as-One realization (which is actually necessary to ‘truly’ understand the ‘nature’ of the parts) – such as those visionaries, mystics and spiritual masters from all places and times have alluded to us.

The global consciousness approaches a portal of change and transformation into a ‘New Dawn’ – a “New Age” – and the ‘NexGen’ thinkers are rising up from necessity, meeting the challenges and demands of the coming age… and for this they require experiential tools and “hidden knowledge” that has not been visibly apparent in recent past – has not been realized by past generations.

And yet… by the end of the 20th century, we began to see something stirring from the within the ‘underground’
– a murmur of hope to some; a nightmare to others.

Stretching the Truth Seeker’s range of ‘normalcy’ – even among the many other available volumes of alleged New Age enlightenment, the SYSTEMOLOGY-101 Systemology 1.0 NexGen series (“Right Way to Life for the Next Generation”) is now available as a four booklet cycle in print and ebook formats released by Joshua Free & the Systemological Society from early 2011 through late 2012:

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All of these materials are also available in the all-in-one print volume anthology: AWAKENING: SYSTEMOLOGY-101 by Joshua Free.

*NEW* The ‘Systemology For Life’ NexGen Knowledge Booklet Series debut in print and eBook format!

On the path of the ‘Right Way’ – the course one takes toward their own personal transhumanist Ascension on a spiritual scale – a significant part of your evolution comes from the ability to literally “overcome behaviors,” meaning overriding the very programming (pattern) of which we are given – either genetically or learned socially. It is this progression of interaction with external energies – our responses and experiences with them – that constitute the lessons and lifecycles that we repeatedly find ourselves in. Until we are able to fully appreciate a specific “lesson” in our path, cyclic behaviors and results ensue, and in hindsight, we find ourselves trapped in circles of behavior wherein we follow a program of doing the opposite of what we intend to do; pushing away the very energies and forces that we seek to manifest in our life.


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“Reality Engineering” (RE/S5) anthology by Joshua Free

The paradigm encompassing NexGen Systemology is to look beneath this very surface in question and clearly and self-honestly take in a wide angle, holistic, all inclusive – systematic – way of experiencing the inner world of thought and its relationship with the outer world of forms. As the lens pierces deeper and deeper into the fabric of space and time – reality – the continuity, entangled and interconnected nature of these inner and outer realms blurs and we see that the weave and the fabric – the light and the screen – are all, in themselves, composed of the same energetic vibration that spurs out forth from the most primeval and primordial ripple of the void. Form came – and the Pattern was established…


Next Evolution of Species, Being More Than Human with Joshua Free


All of the faculties to resolve an awakened awareness of the entire EQUATION OF EXISTENCE are already contained within you; are already a part of your original wiring…

sys101newcvrthumb [This blog post officially excerpted from the debut NexGen anthology Awakening: Systemology-101 by Joshua Free.]

…but rather than being given assistance in the Self-Honest pursuit of this nature, you have been given only the rationals of human indoctrination to various solids and forms that exist with importance only to the HUMAN MIND that gives to them attentive purpose; ‘importance’— energy via belief.

human more than human The main KEY then, insofar as the HUMAN CONDITION has the ability to evolve beyond itself or what it’s become, is not in the adoption of more SYSTEMS or ‘layers’ of reasoning; no additional external technologies are required to take this critical step or leap—rather it is the critical ability to systematically remove all of the ‘layers’ of ARTIFICIAL FRAGMENTATION so that all experiences, stimuli or data can be correctly—SELF-HONESTLY—received, perceived and realized back into existence.

Many imprints and programs have been installed within the systems; within and as your perceived being and participation with the systems; the core of them all being an INDIVIDUATED IDENTITY, manifested on earth as an anomaly of life.

All life simply is–
existing against all odds,
appears to be particularly unique
in that it fights for survival–
against all life.

What a powerful and destructive PROGRAM to be following.
Who taught you this?

sys101newcvrthumb THE PROGRAMMERSthe true system users—appeared among your population in even recorded history of the last 4,000 to 6,000 years of ‘modern’ HUMAN CIVILIZATION. Their condition is also particularly unique in that they appear as one of you; walk alongside you; anonymously if so desired—erasing their true purpose and presence from a Reality YOU experience. The words “politics”—“science”—“religion” are applied to the systems that disguise them.

HUMAN BEINGS continue to go about their everyday lives believing they are Self-Directed —Self-Determined—in their ventures with clarity. Isn’t that a functional quality of a perfectly designed system? One which would be operated without the artificial intelligence becoming self-aware to its own fantastic nature? Does this mean that you are just a piece of artificial intelligence? Certainly, not; not at the core. But you probably have already encountered at least once in your current lifespan that some of your DATABASES contain evidence toward such.

humanenergy This doesn’t seem to be much of a problem to most people who are, in all actuality, oblivious to even a problem existing here. It isn’t until a Self-Aware Free Spirit begins to interact with reality that we can bare witness to the real observable contrast—in patterns of thought; in modes of behavior; in the WORDS and ACTIONS that seem to naturally attract other TRUTH SEEKERS. We also have many HUMANS in society operating charismatic programs that can simply attract a following.

Discover how NexGen Systemology can improve your life today!

The HUMAN CONDITION was programmed to follow programs. Even a child finds that they can manipulate crowds with ease; they actually learn these same lessons—by observation. The systems provide for this too—some calling them false prophets—whereby the clarity of a message from, for example—a rebel programmer, Free Spirit or agent—might be completely diluted by the counter-efforts of said false prophets in the systems, who are not always even aware of what they are doing, as they too follow a program dictated to them…

There is nothing essentially wrong with humans—they are primarily an empty shell—a perfected vehicle—for something else…