Systemology Books

The Mardukite Truth Seeker Press network provides you with direct access to the finest literary materials in the amazing field of NexGen Systemology, NexGen System Logic (Systems Theory) and the Systemology self-directed self-actualization course developed underground by Joshua Free for the NexGen Systemological Society.


The Fundamentals of Existence

by Joshua Free

THE “WHAT” — A Universal System NexGen Beginner’s Guide… The 2013 revised edition of the original Mardukite-Systemology-101 Right Way to NexGen Life-Mastery Series (‘Crystal Warriors & Mystic Knights‘) from the Mardukite Research Organization & the NexGen Systemological Society (NexGenSys) including: Human, More Than Human (S1), Defragnentation (S2), TransHuman Generations (S3), The Games & Players (S4)


From Self-Mastery to World Leadership

by Joshua Free

THE “WHY” — A Universal System Developer’s Guide to Operating the Human Condition… The powerfully unique presentation of the ‘Systemology of Reality‘, drawing from a 6,000+ year well-spring of ‘Mystery School‘ teachings, philosophy, religion and science, this ‘New’ groundbreaking ‘holistic‘ approach – the ultimate wide-angle view meta-system of understanding beyond (and yet encompassing) all other systems of knowledge and belief. “It’s not a question of what you are seeing but why you are seeing it…


THE “HOW” — Coming 2014-2015!

Sys4LifeVol1frontcrop SYSTEMOLOGY FOR LIFE
Vol. 1 – Patterns & Cycles
by Joshua Free
2014 — S6.1
Joshua Free explains: “It is this progression of interaction with external energies – our responses and experiences with them – that constitute the lessons and lifecycles that we repeatedly find ourselves in” and ways of affecting personal observation and change in this first installment of the NEW NexGen ‘Systemology for Life’ Series of lectures/booklets!


human more than human HUMAN, MORE THAN HUMAN
Awakening to the Next Evolution

by Joshua Free
2011 — S1
Prolific mystic writer and founder of the Mardukite Research Organization, Joshua Free, illustrates the true existence of life as “Self” within the matrix-reality of everyday life by a revolutionary method that brings new meaning to “self-help” in the first revolutionary installment of The Right Way to Life for the Next Generation Systemology-101 Awakening Series of booklets!

systemology defragmentation DEFRAGMENTATION
Self-Honesty for the Next Evolution

by Joshua Free
2011 — S2
Why do you think, feel and act as you do? Does this come from Self, the true spirit within? Or, does this come from programming and artificial identities and human personas? On the brink of a new chapter for humanity, it’s time we addressed these questions. The answers are startling clear, pointing toward a new evolution in consciousness and existence.

transhuman generations TRANSHUMAN GENERATIONS
The Next Evolution of a Species

by Joshua Free
2012 — S3
Spiritual and religious leaders, politicians and scientists, economists and the common man are finally all in agreement about something: Humanity is on the brink of great change! This discourse is written for the explicit purposes of issuing reason and logic, new paradigms and observations of old patterns.

the games THE GAMES
Portals of Self-Transformation

by Joshua Free
2012 — S4
As the global consciousness of the population reaches the apex of its transitional period of changes and the transformation into a new dawn — or ‘new age’ — the next generation is rising up out of necessity to meet the challenges and demands of the times… and for this they require experiential tools and knowledge that have not been readily apparent or available in the past.


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