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Knowing How To Know & Epistemology, The Philosophy of Knowledge – Systemology with Joshua Free


Epistemology is the school of philosophy containing the theories about the structure of knowledge and reason. As an understated, misrepresented and much misunderstood field, epistemology is actually at the heart of every philosophy and science because it explains how you might come to know anything with any certainty.

REthumbself Joshua Free’s essay “On the Philosophy of Epistemology” is excerpted from ARCANUM as it appears in the appendix of the 2013 release: REALITY ENGINEERING (Systemology 2.0 materials).

Essentially every bit of knowledge or belief is an idea or a concept about “reality.” The materialist interpretation of Rene Descartes led to the “standard scientific method,” the greatest stumbling block of post-modern science like quantum and string theory. Materialist science alludes us to believe that everything is separated (not unified) and that reality is something that exists “out there” completely independent of the observer and yet we find that reality is covertly dependent on personal cognition, “observation,” experience and sensory perception for it to “exist.”

You accept knowledge that you cannot personally verify outside of the conception or paradigm and use of language that was specifically created to identify and prove the very knowledge in question.

52588-1 French philosopher Rene Descartes (1596-1650) can be credited with offering the most significant modern contributions to epistemology, primarily founded by him as a generalist philosophy of all “modern” scientific thought. In the entirety of his works, only a few simple key tenets stand out distinctly, though thousands of words and multiple essays were composed to offer explanations and clarification to the era he was writing for.

As described in the original essay by Joshua Free:

In “Discourse on the Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences” (1637) Descartes describes an intensive process by which the operator must attempt to clean their slate of knowledge of all that can be doubted, which proves to be essentially everything determined through sensory perception and physical experiences. These things can then be added back into a personal paradigm after vigorous scrutiny and in the logical order of certainty. First and foremost is self-knowledge, proved by the self-aware consciousness of an individual; then God, the perfect encompassing generative force in the Universe; and finally mathematics and geometry, the means in which one might measure and quantify existence in the Universe. Mathematics, however, will necessarily loop the seeker back to contemplation on the interpretive use of symbols and language. Descartes even illustrates that as a model of observable (empirical) materialist science, even if we are certain of what our senses tell us about a causal “how,” no absolute knowledge of the “why” can be determined the same way.


checkerboard Perhaps the least cited, but most concise, discourse from Descartes is “Principles of Philosophy” (1644). The work composes over one hundred propositions, each with an explanation, as well as significant axioms and other clarifications of his unique paradigm. Though the title might suggest some all-encompassing resolution or textbook, this slim volume actually reduces philosophy into two main aspects: the nature of human knowledge (epistemology) and the nature of material existence and reality (metaphysics). The concept is put forth that the senses deceive and all that we can determine of the material world is accessed by material senses and then processed cognitively. Anything beyond the material, or “metaphysical,” which includes our cognitive faculties and the mind-body connection, cannot be determined with the material senses and therefore lies outside of the domains of “empirical” science. Hence, a development in the “meta-sciences” that will take into account the “spiritual” and other alternate levels of existence.


Next Evolution of Species, Being More Than Human with Joshua Free


All of the faculties to resolve an awakened awareness of the entire EQUATION OF EXISTENCE are already contained within you; are already a part of your original wiring…

sys101newcvrthumb [This blog post officially excerpted from the debut NexGen anthology Awakening: Systemology-101 by Joshua Free.]

…but rather than being given assistance in the Self-Honest pursuit of this nature, you have been given only the rationals of human indoctrination to various solids and forms that exist with importance only to the HUMAN MIND that gives to them attentive purpose; ‘importance’— energy via belief.

human more than human The main KEY then, insofar as the HUMAN CONDITION has the ability to evolve beyond itself or what it’s become, is not in the adoption of more SYSTEMS or ‘layers’ of reasoning; no additional external technologies are required to take this critical step or leap—rather it is the critical ability to systematically remove all of the ‘layers’ of ARTIFICIAL FRAGMENTATION so that all experiences, stimuli or data can be correctly—SELF-HONESTLY—received, perceived and realized back into existence.

Many imprints and programs have been installed within the systems; within and as your perceived being and participation with the systems; the core of them all being an INDIVIDUATED IDENTITY, manifested on earth as an anomaly of life.

All life simply is–
existing against all odds,
appears to be particularly unique
in that it fights for survival–
against all life.

What a powerful and destructive PROGRAM to be following.
Who taught you this?

sys101newcvrthumb THE PROGRAMMERSthe true system users—appeared among your population in even recorded history of the last 4,000 to 6,000 years of ‘modern’ HUMAN CIVILIZATION. Their condition is also particularly unique in that they appear as one of you; walk alongside you; anonymously if so desired—erasing their true purpose and presence from a Reality YOU experience. The words “politics”—“science”—“religion” are applied to the systems that disguise them.

HUMAN BEINGS continue to go about their everyday lives believing they are Self-Directed —Self-Determined—in their ventures with clarity. Isn’t that a functional quality of a perfectly designed system? One which would be operated without the artificial intelligence becoming self-aware to its own fantastic nature? Does this mean that you are just a piece of artificial intelligence? Certainly, not; not at the core. But you probably have already encountered at least once in your current lifespan that some of your DATABASES contain evidence toward such.

humanenergy This doesn’t seem to be much of a problem to most people who are, in all actuality, oblivious to even a problem existing here. It isn’t until a Self-Aware Free Spirit begins to interact with reality that we can bare witness to the real observable contrast—in patterns of thought; in modes of behavior; in the WORDS and ACTIONS that seem to naturally attract other TRUTH SEEKERS. We also have many HUMANS in society operating charismatic programs that can simply attract a following.

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The HUMAN CONDITION was programmed to follow programs. Even a child finds that they can manipulate crowds with ease; they actually learn these same lessons—by observation. The systems provide for this too—some calling them false prophets—whereby the clarity of a message from, for example—a rebel programmer, Free Spirit or agent—might be completely diluted by the counter-efforts of said false prophets in the systems, who are not always even aware of what they are doing, as they too follow a program dictated to them…

There is nothing essentially wrong with humans—they are primarily an empty shell—a perfected vehicle—for something else…