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Matrix System Reality – Where Worlds Collide with Secret Systemology Software


Everything is All-as-One in ‘spirit’; That which is not fragmented to matter-energy. Spirit—AN and Matter—KI. Spirit and Matter interact; physical existence follows. There is the world you are allowed to see; programmed to experience; that which is within your parameters to experience…

sys101newcvrthumb This blog post by the NexGen Systemological Society is adaptively derived from the Systemology-101 materials found within the AWAKENING anthology by Joshua Free, reprinting the “Matrix-System” essay from the original introductory booklet: HUMAN, MORE THAN HUMAN by Joshua Free.

…There is also the world that is hidden from you. It is no more or less matter-energy—meaning: it is no more or less real—It is simply not within your field of view, the parameters of the Human Condition. By ‘perturbation’, spiritual resonance interacts with physical entities and creates phenomenon.

768px-Dispersive_Prism_Illustration When the systems show ‘fatigue’; when they begin to begin to fracture and breakdown; more systems emerge — programs within programs — existing only to protect the longevity of the system. The most complex meta-system or supra-system of all; the operating system — on which the others are built — is called the Light-Matrix.

The programs of the Light-Matrix System are designed to maintain the system itself and these include your corporeal body; the genetic vehicle you occupy. Smaller systems are installed in the Matrix to keep the programs occupied; hunting, searching—following the pretty lights.

human more than human Take away the matter-energy Universe — No more lights. No forms. No manifestations as you perceive them now. This is the Other. The Not. The Nothingness that is. It is so beautiful and poetic that it escapes human rationale.

The Other is also made up of entities—alpha beings—who have been separated from the All in spirit.

They learned to create

They created manifestations. They created simulacrums that they could occupy. They took on human forms and created more systems. Attachment to material existence apparently proved addicting, for while they could no longer separate the SELF from the body, they knew that the body was mortal, material energy running out its own program.

REthumbself To preserve their own legacy, they wrote themselves into the programs and further expanded the systems…

There is the SELF and the body and the programs keeping both in systems. These programs might be what philosophers have called the ‘mind’. But, both the SELF and the body have an awareness — a perspective — that could be confused as the mind-of-I. This is only awareness — attention energy transference — and not who you truly are!

Every living being on earth right now possesses an alien self — an alpha spirit — that is not corporeal matter, but ‘energy’ — which CHOSE to experience itself in the physical matter-energy universe of material existence…

reality100 Everything that is experienced from the body as physical phenomenon is energetic resonance processed by the awareness of the body. So long as you are referring to your SELF in third person, you are not yet ‘in’ I of Self — not restricting awareness to the alpha spirit — and are still fixated to the body and subject to the experiential memory and emotional fluctuation of a genetic vehicle.

Discover the NexGen developments being made by the Systemological Society and release the free spirit from the self-made trappings and creations of worldly corporeal programs and life is experienced Self-Honestly — perhaps for the first time ever in your current lifetime — as it really is!

How To Operate Your Brain: Systemology of Reality Engineering with Dr. Timothy Leary


The reference to “information” being an ‘in-form’ or ‘forming-in’ experience — found within Joshua Free’s Systemology bestseller: REALITY ENGINEERING — is derived from ‘How to Operate Your Brain’ (1994) by Dr. Timothy Leary, stating:

“Throughout human history, as our species has faced the frightening, terrorizing fact that we do not know who we are, or where we are going in this ocean of chaos, it has been the authorities — the political, the religious, the educational authorities – who attempted to comfort us by giving us order, rules, regulations, informing – forming in our minds – their view of reality. To think for yourself you must question authority and learn how to put yourself in a state of vulnerable open-mindedness, chaotic, confused vulnerability to inform yourself.”

REthumbself “Think for yourself…Question authority…” infamous lines from Dr. Timothy Leary (b. 1920 – d. 1996) exclaimed by the experimental psychologist during the 1960’s; words that have since been immortalized along with the concept of “set and setting” (which is used in NexGen Systemology) and the phrase: “turn on, tune in, drop out.” The passage selection extracted is derived from ‘How to Operate Your Brain‘ (1994). Leary explains:

“The natural state of the brain is chaos. We’re dealing with a complexity of information. The first thing to do is to overwhelm your focused mind, your linear mind, by overloading signals, digital patterns, clusters of photons and electrons which produce a pleasant state of confused chaos. This is the state of the brain when it is ready to be informed, that is, to be reprogrammed. The human brain contains one hundred billion neurons, each neuron is as powerful as a large computer, and each neuron has around ten thousand connections with other neurons. Within our foreheads there is a chaos, inside our brains there is a galaxy of information, which is incomprehensible to our linear minds.”

sys101newcvrthumb “This contrasts and compares perfectly with the chaos without. We’re living in a universe, which has one hundred billion galaxies, each galaxy with star systems, planets, a complexity, again, which to our minds right now is chaotic, incomprehensible. Chaos is beautiful. Now many times we are afraid because we want order. We can’t deal with the confusion and disorder. We want form. We want rules. Yes, throughout human history there have been people—religious leaders, political leaders—who will give you order. They will give you rules and commandments.”

But chaos is basically good. Relax. Surf the waves of chaos and learn how to redesign your own realities. Sit back. Flow. Open your eyes. Turn off your minds. Unfocus, and let the waves of chaos roll over your brain. Float. Drift, Zoom. Design. Create new order, your order, your style from chaos…


“The aim of human life is to know thyself. Think for yourself. Question authority. Think with your friends. Create, create new realities. Philosophy is a team sport. Philosophy is the ultimate, the ultimate aphrodisiac pleasure. Learning how to operate your brain, learning how to operate your mind, learning how to redesign chaos. The religious leaders, the political leaders want to give you orders to run your life, to determine how you think. The basic goal is to operate your own mind. Think for yourself.”

REthumbself “To operate your brain you must understand how to use your eyes. “Oh say, can you see?” Oh say, can’t you see what is being done to your eyes? Who controls your eyeballs, controls your mind, imprints your brain. Oh say, can’t you see that the messages that hit your eyeballs in modern television are creating realities, imprinting messages from the sponsors who are not usually interested in your learning how to design your own realities.”

water_nuke_2560x1600 “Who controls your screen controls the programs in your mind. Your eyes are the windows of your brain. The eyes are extensions of the brain. The eyes are made up of hundreds of layers of neurons, rods, cones. Your eyeballs deal with one energy: It’s light. Through your eyes come illumination, vision, perception, enlightenment, illumination. Your eyes are the windows of your soul. Who controls your eyeballs programs your brain. Learn how to dial, fine tune your eyeballs. Learn how to unfocus your eyes, dilate your pupils, learn how to open up to illumination and light, and then refocus and redesign your own inner order, your own designs, your own language.”

sys101newcvrthumb “The brain is designed to design realities. If you operate your own brain skillfully, you can learn to design your own realities, learn how to communicate in the language of the brain: electrons and photons. We are doing this now. We are sending messages from our brains, using the vehicle of electrons and photons, to your eyeballs. As we watch this screen, our minds are bedazzled, our minds are softened, our linear, sharp logical thinking is gentled, and we are communicating brain to brain. We are using the electron, computer circuits, to feed each other’s brains with light…”