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NexGen Systemology & Mardukite Zuism : Future Evolution of the Human Condition

We are at the cusp of a new dawn for Human evolution–the Crystal Dawn for Humanity–the true Crystal Age that marks the greatest turning point for the state of the Human Condition that we will ever know in these lifetimes… As with any “New Age” come and gone, there are heralds, messengers and pioneers charged with the task to usher in these necessary changes. There are seeds and cells now waking up all over the planet–all over the cosmos–and it is time for us all to get real…

Mardukite Zuism : A Brief Introduction

“Spiritual development in modern Mardukite Zuism is referred to as the ‘Pathway to Self-Honesty’ and the ‘Gateway to Infinity.’ It is modeled directly from the Ancient Mystery Tradition observed at the Temples of Babylon. Communication of clear wisdom and true knowledge from Arcane Tablets is distorted as it passes through time and geography, diverse languages and authoritarian cultures using the ‘Power’ to program the masses and fragment the Human Condition away from Self-Honesty…”

So as to make the journey forth into the future simpler and more concise than ever before, following the recent release of “Tablets of Destiny: Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential” and “Crystal Clear: The Self-Actualization Manual”, Joshua Free released a concise booklet expertly presenting a summation of the most promising futurist religious movement of the 21st century!


The Pathway ahead has never been clearer. The word “ZU” meant “knowing” in original Sumerian cuneiform script. Goals and ideals of Mardukite Zuism and its NexGen Systemology reflect this. Mardukite Zuism seeks to assist an individual in reclaiming a realization of the True Self or “I-AM” as the ‘Immortal Spirit’, in line with a most ancient directive: to “Know Thyself.

In view of the fact that all modern Human are subjected to technologies depriving them of their freedoms to be, think, know and pursue truth: the goals and ideals of Mardukite Zuism are to effectively revive and repair abilities and certainties of the individual, which may be accomplished during this lifetime–and in such a way that could benefit the next, for we are dealing with the Eternal Spirit that supersedes all material existence.

Systemology: The Original Thesis by Joshua Free

Joshua Free first publicly launched “Mardukite Ministries” on the Summer Solstice, June 21, 2008. An active research division called the “Mardukite Chamberlains” was established in 2009, which developed and published a research library, most notably the “Mardukite Core” volumes and other revised reprints of founding texts by Joshua Free. A faction of these “Mardukite Chamberlains” was specifically dedicated to the recovery and consolidation of all relevant (for our purposes) historical, scriptural and ritual records of ancient Babylon and Mesopotamia…

Systemology: The Original Thesis by Joshua Free …a separate faction of the Mardukites also developed, emerging in late 2010 and then solidifying further underground in 2011 as the “NexGen Systemology Society” which began to research and develop methods to apply the ancient wisdom as a spiritual technology to awaken, unlock and fully actualize spiritual potential of the Human Condition. Many of these original discourses now appear in the collected-works introductory volume titled SYSTEMOLOGY: THE ORIGINAL THESIS.

Then, in 2019, Joshua Free released the first practical discoveries of “Mardukite Systemology” which now contributes applicable methods of spiritual technology that furthers the development of “Mardukite Zuism” as an effective “religious” and “spiritual” movement of the Crystal Age that promotes the spiritual advancement of ANYONE who is ready to awaken and rise above the standard issue programming of the Human Condition that has been accepted!

Tablets of Destiny: Using Ancient Wisdom to Unlock Human Potential

In the first official volume of Mardukite Systemology and its corresponding interpretation of Zuism, titled THE TABLETS OF DESTINY: USING ANCIENT WISDOM TO UNLOCK HUMAN POTENTIAL, Joshua Free explains how Ancient Babylonians used the Tablets of Destiny & Creation Epic to systematize all cosmic knowledge into a workable paradigm called “Mardukite Zuism”—a systemology received directly from the Anunnaki. More than that, he explains how it affects us even to this day–how it affects all of society–and describes the first steps toward making effective changes to the Human Condition toward the future evolution in Self-Honesty.

Tablets of Destiny by Joshua Free In this amazing revolutionary account, we reveal how Marduk uses the Tablets of Destiny to discover “Self-Honesty” and the Divine Knowledge governing “Cosmic Ordering”–systems dividing the “Spiritual Universe” (AN) from the “Physical Universe” (KI). Wisdom from Tablets of Destiny are later passed down to and concealed by an ancient esoteric secret society in Babylon: the Scribes, High Priests and Priestesses of Mardukite Zuism.

SELF-HONESTY… is a term used to describe an original “Alpha” state of clear knowingness and Self-directed beingness. “Self-Honesty” is the most basic and true expression of Self as “I-AM”—free of artificial attachments; reactive-response conditioning; and imposed or enforced programming as Reality for the Human Condition.

The most recent and much anticipated installment that rounds off the Grade-III Mardukite Systemology Core (described within this blog) advances the work to the next level, providing the most comprehensive “Self-Help” methodology ever derived from Arcane Tablets. Joshua Free demonstrates how anyone can take control of their destiny and chart steps toward personal spiritual evolution. Here you may realize a new vision of potential for the Human Condition in Self-Honesty. Reclaim the freedom of the spirit and achieve Ascension in this lifetime with a manual of techniques and teachings so profound, that its effectiveness has been deemed “Crystal Clear.”

Crystal Clear : Joshua Free (Mardukite Systemology) Here is the original textbook for the revolutionary Self-Defragmentation Course previously only available directly from the Mardukite Offices…


The deepest meanings realized of the “Arcane Tablets” are only now being actualized toward a full application of a “futurist spiritual technology” for the first time in modern history. And as we travel this Pathway we are constantly reminded of how many elements on this journey are all too familiar–and realize that we have actually charted this adventure once before. But, of course we have–for this is, and always has been, the Adventure of Self.

With Joshua Free’s “Crystal Clear Self-Defragmentation Course” a Seeker may learn to free the Self from lower levels of personal fragmentation and programming; to apply Will-Intention to the fullest extent from outside lower “systems”; and live without regard of former fragmentation and erroneous programming concerning personal ability and responsibility accumulated during this lifetime. The way out is always the way through; not avoidance, neglect or indifference–which only mark a path to ignorance.

When a Seeker attains actualized Awareness outside of physical existence, therein alone lies the true personality of the Spirit, the individuated “I” that is Self. This is the state of Self free of worldly fragmentation. The Seeker has extended the reach of Awareness and the ability (and responsibility) of Self-direction from the point of WILL as Cause in the Universe, rising above lower planes of Effect and Desire!

Joshua Free Publishing Imprint representing Mardukite Research Organization

Joshua Free Publishing Imprint representing Mardukite Research Organization

Matrix System Reality – Where Worlds Collide with Secret Systemology Software


Everything is All-as-One in ‘spirit’; That which is not fragmented to matter-energy. Spirit—AN and Matter—KI. Spirit and Matter interact; physical existence follows. There is the world you are allowed to see; programmed to experience; that which is within your parameters to experience…

sys101newcvrthumb This blog post by the NexGen Systemological Society is adaptively derived from the Systemology-101 materials found within the AWAKENING anthology by Joshua Free, reprinting the “Matrix-System” essay from the original introductory booklet: HUMAN, MORE THAN HUMAN by Joshua Free.

…There is also the world that is hidden from you. It is no more or less matter-energy—meaning: it is no more or less real—It is simply not within your field of view, the parameters of the Human Condition. By ‘perturbation’, spiritual resonance interacts with physical entities and creates phenomenon.

768px-Dispersive_Prism_Illustration When the systems show ‘fatigue’; when they begin to begin to fracture and breakdown; more systems emerge — programs within programs — existing only to protect the longevity of the system. The most complex meta-system or supra-system of all; the operating system — on which the others are built — is called the Light-Matrix.

The programs of the Light-Matrix System are designed to maintain the system itself and these include your corporeal body; the genetic vehicle you occupy. Smaller systems are installed in the Matrix to keep the programs occupied; hunting, searching—following the pretty lights.

human more than human Take away the matter-energy Universe — No more lights. No forms. No manifestations as you perceive them now. This is the Other. The Not. The Nothingness that is. It is so beautiful and poetic that it escapes human rationale.

The Other is also made up of entities—alpha beings—who have been separated from the All in spirit.

They learned to create

They created manifestations. They created simulacrums that they could occupy. They took on human forms and created more systems. Attachment to material existence apparently proved addicting, for while they could no longer separate the SELF from the body, they knew that the body was mortal, material energy running out its own program.

REthumbself To preserve their own legacy, they wrote themselves into the programs and further expanded the systems…

There is the SELF and the body and the programs keeping both in systems. These programs might be what philosophers have called the ‘mind’. But, both the SELF and the body have an awareness — a perspective — that could be confused as the mind-of-I. This is only awareness — attention energy transference — and not who you truly are!

Every living being on earth right now possesses an alien self — an alpha spirit — that is not corporeal matter, but ‘energy’ — which CHOSE to experience itself in the physical matter-energy universe of material existence…

reality100 Everything that is experienced from the body as physical phenomenon is energetic resonance processed by the awareness of the body. So long as you are referring to your SELF in third person, you are not yet ‘in’ I of Self — not restricting awareness to the alpha spirit — and are still fixated to the body and subject to the experiential memory and emotional fluctuation of a genetic vehicle.

Discover the NexGen developments being made by the Systemological Society and release the free spirit from the self-made trappings and creations of worldly corporeal programs and life is experienced Self-Honestly — perhaps for the first time ever in your current lifetime — as it really is!