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Matrix System Reality – Where Worlds Collide with Secret Systemology Software


Everything is All-as-One in ‘spirit’; That which is not fragmented to matter-energy. Spirit—AN and Matter—KI. Spirit and Matter interact; physical existence follows. There is the world you are allowed to see; programmed to experience; that which is within your parameters to experience…

sys101newcvrthumb This blog post by the NexGen Systemological Society is adaptively derived from the Systemology-101 materials found within the AWAKENING anthology by Joshua Free, reprinting the “Matrix-System” essay from the original introductory booklet: HUMAN, MORE THAN HUMAN by Joshua Free.

…There is also the world that is hidden from you. It is no more or less matter-energy—meaning: it is no more or less real—It is simply not within your field of view, the parameters of the Human Condition. By ‘perturbation’, spiritual resonance interacts with physical entities and creates phenomenon.

768px-Dispersive_Prism_Illustration When the systems show ‘fatigue’; when they begin to begin to fracture and breakdown; more systems emerge — programs within programs — existing only to protect the longevity of the system. The most complex meta-system or supra-system of all; the operating system — on which the others are built — is called the Light-Matrix.

The programs of the Light-Matrix System are designed to maintain the system itself and these include your corporeal body; the genetic vehicle you occupy. Smaller systems are installed in the Matrix to keep the programs occupied; hunting, searching—following the pretty lights.

human more than human Take away the matter-energy Universe — No more lights. No forms. No manifestations as you perceive them now. This is the Other. The Not. The Nothingness that is. It is so beautiful and poetic that it escapes human rationale.

The Other is also made up of entities—alpha beings—who have been separated from the All in spirit.

They learned to create

They created manifestations. They created simulacrums that they could occupy. They took on human forms and created more systems. Attachment to material existence apparently proved addicting, for while they could no longer separate the SELF from the body, they knew that the body was mortal, material energy running out its own program.

REthumbself To preserve their own legacy, they wrote themselves into the programs and further expanded the systems…

There is the SELF and the body and the programs keeping both in systems. These programs might be what philosophers have called the ‘mind’. But, both the SELF and the body have an awareness — a perspective — that could be confused as the mind-of-I. This is only awareness — attention energy transference — and not who you truly are!

Every living being on earth right now possesses an alien self — an alpha spirit — that is not corporeal matter, but ‘energy’ — which CHOSE to experience itself in the physical matter-energy universe of material existence…

reality100 Everything that is experienced from the body as physical phenomenon is energetic resonance processed by the awareness of the body. So long as you are referring to your SELF in third person, you are not yet ‘in’ I of Self — not restricting awareness to the alpha spirit — and are still fixated to the body and subject to the experiential memory and emotional fluctuation of a genetic vehicle.

Discover the NexGen developments being made by the Systemological Society and release the free spirit from the self-made trappings and creations of worldly corporeal programs and life is experienced Self-Honestly — perhaps for the first time ever in your current lifetime — as it really is!

NexGen Systemology – Fractal Fragmentation of Reality Condensation with Joshua Free


Fragmentation is one of the most fundamental keys to understanding Reality Systems of Life, the Universe and Existence. It is the fractioning or fracture of a holistic interconnected state or condition (wholeness) favoring observation of perceived connectivity between “parts.”

REthumbself [This blog post officially excerpted by the NexGen Systemological Society from Joshua Free’s underground revolutionary new release: Reality Engineering.

Contrary to apparent ‘fragmentation‘ and ‘dualism‘ of existential energy and form, the holistic systems approach of ‘monism’ denotes a ‘unified’ or Universal Oneness underlying Reality. Where at first All-is-One, the expression or separation of Oneness into parts is the archetypal “Fall” of ‘humanity‘ and condensation of matter-energy in existence. The ‘manifested’ or ‘existential’ Universe is an expression of LIGHT – of which the first-form is singular and unfiltered.

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• “dimension
• “gates
• “layers
• “levels
• “octaves
• “threshold
• “range
• “veils

…the existential solidification of concentrated energy compacted into dense matter.

The expansion, expression or fragmented condensation of the true All-as-One Reality & Existence is fractal in nature – an encoded baseline sequence pattern where:


768px-Dispersive_Prism_IllustrationFragmented Knowledge is based on a focus on ‘parts’ in exclusion to the ‘whole’ (holistic view). This focus restricts the ability to see (or be aware) of pertrubation: the ‘unseen’ forces and factors that make things what they ‘are’ a set range of ‘human awareness’ or visibility condition. All paradigms immediately restrict the ‘knowledge potentiality’ (including the awareness and comprehension) based on a preset/fixed range/parameter out of a total (infinite?) pool of possibilities/potential.”
–excerpting (S3) Trans-Human Generations, materials also found within the Systemology-101 anthology: Awakening by Joshua Free.

sys101newcvrthumb In fractal geometry, the properties of self-similarity are studied in relation to the randomness of systems, such as the dispersion of galaxies, the path cut by a river, the patterns of smoke, clouds and other natural phenomenon.

FRACTAL FRAGMENTATION is a part of natural, ‘Universal Law’, the reflection of the basic ‘Cosmic Code’ of existence perceptibly realized through mathematical or symbolic expression, as explained in Arcanum by Joshua Free:

“Fractals are like ‘snapshots’ or ‘subsets’ of a whole that can be scaled ‘above’ and ‘below’ a given level of observation. These varying levels and degrees of size are implicated in inter-dimensional conceptions and All-as-One wholeness.”

PROGRAM = fragmentation
PATTERN = fractalization
PROCESS = condensation

REthumbself FRAGMENTATION is also a ‘paradigm-shift’, where the observation emphasis changes between holistic ‘wide-angle’ and ‘refined’ or “set” narrow-minded ‘tunnel-vision’. Fragmentation is a primary facet of reality system design and engineering.

Fragmentation of Existence
Fragmentation of Self
Fragmentation of Experience

Although fragmentation restricts SELF from experiencing the ‘wholeness factor’ (All-as-One) and from maintaining a conscious-awareness of the holistic totality of ALL as part of waking reality – this program of fragmentation put forth when the All-as-One divided itself to set ‘existence’ in motion provides the potentiality for our own experiential spiritual path…