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Matrix System Reality – Where Worlds Collide with Secret Systemology Software


Everything is All-as-One in ‘spirit’; That which is not fragmented to matter-energy. Spirit—AN and Matter—KI. Spirit and Matter interact; physical existence follows. There is the world you are allowed to see; programmed to experience; that which is within your parameters to experience…

sys101newcvrthumb This blog post by the NexGen Systemological Society is adaptively derived from the Systemology-101 materials found within the AWAKENING anthology by Joshua Free, reprinting the “Matrix-System” essay from the original introductory booklet: HUMAN, MORE THAN HUMAN by Joshua Free.

…There is also the world that is hidden from you. It is no more or less matter-energy—meaning: it is no more or less real—It is simply not within your field of view, the parameters of the Human Condition. By ‘perturbation’, spiritual resonance interacts with physical entities and creates phenomenon.

768px-Dispersive_Prism_Illustration When the systems show ‘fatigue’; when they begin to begin to fracture and breakdown; more systems emerge — programs within programs — existing only to protect the longevity of the system. The most complex meta-system or supra-system of all; the operating system — on which the others are built — is called the Light-Matrix.

The programs of the Light-Matrix System are designed to maintain the system itself and these include your corporeal body; the genetic vehicle you occupy. Smaller systems are installed in the Matrix to keep the programs occupied; hunting, searching—following the pretty lights.

human more than human Take away the matter-energy Universe — No more lights. No forms. No manifestations as you perceive them now. This is the Other. The Not. The Nothingness that is. It is so beautiful and poetic that it escapes human rationale.

The Other is also made up of entities—alpha beings—who have been separated from the All in spirit.

They learned to create

They created manifestations. They created simulacrums that they could occupy. They took on human forms and created more systems. Attachment to material existence apparently proved addicting, for while they could no longer separate the SELF from the body, they knew that the body was mortal, material energy running out its own program.

REthumbself To preserve their own legacy, they wrote themselves into the programs and further expanded the systems…

There is the SELF and the body and the programs keeping both in systems. These programs might be what philosophers have called the ‘mind’. But, both the SELF and the body have an awareness — a perspective — that could be confused as the mind-of-I. This is only awareness — attention energy transference — and not who you truly are!

Every living being on earth right now possesses an alien self — an alpha spirit — that is not corporeal matter, but ‘energy’ — which CHOSE to experience itself in the physical matter-energy universe of material existence…

reality100 Everything that is experienced from the body as physical phenomenon is energetic resonance processed by the awareness of the body. So long as you are referring to your SELF in third person, you are not yet ‘in’ I of Self — not restricting awareness to the alpha spirit — and are still fixated to the body and subject to the experiential memory and emotional fluctuation of a genetic vehicle.

Discover the NexGen developments being made by the Systemological Society and release the free spirit from the self-made trappings and creations of worldly corporeal programs and life is experienced Self-Honestly — perhaps for the first time ever in your current lifetime — as it really is!

Reality Engineering – Language of Symbols as Perception & Knowledge, Systemology with Joshua Free


“There is a correspondence
between things
seen and unseen –
earth is the shadow of heaven and
man is a reflection of divinity.”
–Eliphas Levi

REALITY ENGINEERING (R.E.) secrets have been preserved throughout the ages as veiled ‘esoteric symbolism’ embedded beneath the surface of the Realm: the underground, confined to Mystery Schools, and intellectually categorized as “occult” to the uninitiated.

REthumbself Because of the metaphysical nature of the concepts and energies involved in the holistic Reality Experience, mystics and sages have often relied on the use of symbolism and analogy, meaning-giving catalysts of representative semantics.

Symbols preserve “high frequency” knowledge and represent abstraction so the semantic meaning can be understood by a “lower frequency” point-of-view (POV).

It’s all about communication.

Symbolic Representations‘ are a powerful intellectual catalyst or instrument. Most of what has deemed “mystical” or “magical” in existence pertains to the use of symbols and codes to communicate the semantics of metaphysical dynamics.

188842_319298628192618_427889337_n The average person is seldom allowed a true experience of the hidden and secret knowledge that is otherwise “occult,” and what’s more, the current social human programming causes many to steer away from such topics of self-actualization.

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Robert Anton Wilson explains:
“Human perception involves coding even more than crude sensing – thought is abstraction… Language, mathematics, the schools of art, or any system of human abstraction, gives to our mental constructs the structure, not of the original fact, but of the symbol-system into which it is coded… The basic symbols of magic, mythology and religion are so simple that only the pernicious habit of looking at ‘profundities’ and ‘mysteries’ prevents people from automatically understanding them almost without thinking…”

Using analogy, models, 100 diagrams & figures and language free of any particular philosophic, scientific or religious discipline, REALITY ENGINEERING is easy to understand even with no previous background or additional materials – immediately you can start to understand the concepts and use this book to realize the highest ideal of the “Human Condition” into your life.

REthumbself Fundamental symbols for understanding Life, Reality & Existence are accessible everywhere around us, although the programming we carry restricts the nature and type of information communicated.

Of an all-encompassing Universal Arcanum, spiritualist, Eliphas Levi writes:
“Beyond the veils of all the hieratic and mystical allegories of ancient doctrines, behind the darkness and strange ordeals of all initiations, under the seal of all sacred writings, in the ruins of Nineveh or Thebes, on the crumbling stones of old temples and on the blackened visage of the Assyrian or Egyptian sphinx… in the cryptic emblems of our old books on alchemy, in the ceremonies practiced at reception by all secret societies, there are found indications of a ‘secret doctrine’ that is everywhere the same and everywhere carefully concealed…”

Methods of self-knowledge, self-actualization, reaching a self-honest or “unconditioned” Reality Experience… These and other fundamentals have been kept beneath the ‘surface’ of public awareness by those in possession of this information and practiced skills of using it to influence the Realm: the conditions and programs – the function and ability of the Human Vehicle to perceive the ‘world’, the ‘Realm’… Reality…